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How Do We Calculate MRR?

How Do We Calculate MRR?

The calculation

MRR is calculated by summing up all of the active subscription amounts. This gives better accuracy with true amounts of active plans and recent uninstalls.

Breakdown of fees removed from MRR

SaaS Insights finalises MRR by removing a couple of fees that are compulsory on your Shopify transactions. The fees that are removed to reveal the true MRR income are:

This shows the true MRR of your Shopify apps after removing the compulsory fees.

Payment processor transaction fees

These fees are compulsory on all payments from merchants. App billing is subject to a 2.9% processing fee.

Regulatory processing fees

Starting January 5, 2022, Shopify has begun to charge a Regulatory Operating Fee on public app and theme sales in the affected countries or regions to accommodate the DST. The following Regulatory Operating Fees apply when the merchant’s business address is located in one of the listed countries or regions:

Country or regionDST rates
United Kingdom2%

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