Metrics & analytics for Shopify App Partners

SaaS Insights provides key business metrics and analytics to drive the growth of your business. Learn why your customers cancel, what drives revenue and identify trends over time to make data-driven decisions.

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Make more with metrics that identity what drives your business

Get the data you need to find opportunities, identify pain points and better understand your customers' journey. Access and use sophisticated metrics with ease to grow your business.

Increase revenue
Accurately track your monthly recurring revenue (MRR), active customers, churn rate, customer acquisition cost (CAC) and more.
Identify pain points
Learn why your customers cancel so you can lower your churn rate.
Refine your growth strategy
Track your progress over time and see projected growth to move forward strategically.
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Pricing plans to level up your business

Pay annually and get two months free!

Payment frequency


$30 /month

$300 /yearly

Track the key metrics you need to grow your business

  • Track unlimited apps
  • Key metrics
  • Trial conversion insights
  • Customer install / event activity
  • Growth projections
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Metrics & Analytics

$50 /month

$500 /yearly

Track metrics and analytics for comprehensive performance insights

  • Everything from Metrics plan
  • App listing analytics and history
  • App store keyword rankings
  • Google Analytics integration
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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Everything you need to track your business is in one convenient place.

Learn why your customers cancel
Start collecting valuable feedback in minutes. Learn where you're losing revenue with a sophisticated breakdown of cancellation reasons.
Discover your customers' journey
Follow your customers path and interaction with your apps, including install and uninstall dates, plan history and more.
Track trial conversions
Monitor how many customers convert from trial and the plans they choose. See predicted growth from trial conversion.
Understand MRR and growth rate
Track over time to pinpoint factors that influence revenue and growth.
Track multiple apps
See apps individual metrics or combine multiple apps for total earnings.
Keyword insights
Clearly see app keyword ranking in the Shopify app store.
Search queries
Discover top-ranking search queries on search engines that drive traffic to your app listings.

Replace your Shopify Partner dashboard

Use SaaS Insights invaluable metrics for real-time visualisations of what's going on with your customers and revenue. Get more, discover more and do more so you can take control of your business growth.

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SaaS Insights is going live soon. For early access and news signup below.