The detailed metrics & analytics you've always wanted from your Shopify Partners dashboard

Detailed metrics, analytics,
beautiful charts and forecasting
forecasting Detailed metrics, analytics, beautiful charts and forecasting for your Shopify apps. Get the insights you need to grow your business.

Launching December 2023!
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Beautiful Charts
Detailed Metrics
Discover our visually captivating report charts, transforming historical trends into a clear and beautiful narrative. Easily explore months and years of data for informed decision-making and business success.
Access powerful metrics to uncover opportunities, pinpoint pain points, and gain deeper insights into your customers' journey, enabling informed decision-making for business growth.
Leverage our reports to forecast future trends from rich historical data. Unlock insights, plan strategically, and stay ahead with confidence. Data-driven forecasting for your business success.
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Learn why your customers cancel

Start collecting valuable feedback in minutes. Learn where you're losing revenue with a sophisticated breakdown of cancellation reasons.

Discover your customers' journey

Follow your customers path and interaction with your apps, including install and uninstall dates, plan history and more.

Understand MRR and growth rate

Track over time to pinpoint factors that influence revenue and growth.

Track trial conversions

Monitor how many customers convert from trial and the plans they choose. See predicted growth from trial conversion.

Monitor fees

Monitor fees encountered as part of doing business such as Shopify, regulatory and processing fees.

Monitor app presence in the Shopify store

Track the daily position of your app along with review count and rating.

Replace your Shopify Partners logo dashboard

Use SaaS Insights invaluable metrics for real-time visualisations of what's going on with your customers and revenue. Get more, discover more and do more so you can take control of your business growth.

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Metrics Plan

Track the key metrics you need to grow your business

What’s included

  • Track metrics (MRR, ARR, ARPU, Subscribers, Installers, Uninstalls, One time charges, Trials, Fees etc.)
  • Discover your customers' journey
  • Monitor app presence in the Shopify store
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Launching December 2023!
Analytics coming soon!
We're already actively developing our next set of features, such as integrating with Google Analytics, tracking app store keyword rankings, providing deep app listing analytics, and offering historical data insights.