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Everything you need to grow your MRR

See accurate data of your rankings on the Shopify app store, keyword positions, installs & much more.


Learn about cancellations

Analyse the data and statistics of your Shopify app. Put that data into action and produce more revenue.


Know your true MRR

Measure the exact amount of trials, monthly costs and one-off fees. Know the true value of your app’s earnings.


See predicted growth

Gain an accurate understanding of your app & its processes. See the projected revenue from trial conversions and more.

Replace your Shopify Partner dashboard

You’ll never need to log into Shopify Partners to view metrics again. Get all the latest data and more.

Why use SaaS Insights?


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How does it work?

Connect SaaS Insights to your Shopify app, & watch the data roll in.

Step 1 - Create

Create an account and sign up to our free trial.

Step 2 - Connect

Simply connect your Shopify app via the partner dashboard & Google Analytics.

Step 3 - Chill

Now, all you need to do is watch your stats, and see all your insights in one place.


Two key foundations

Showing all the data you need to progress your company.




Expand with confidence

Forecast and know exactly how to improve your revenue.

Reduce cancellations

uninstalls on graph

Find out what is turning customers away & make your app better, while improving the churn rate.

Track multiple Shopify apps

active trials

Track individual app revenue and metrics. Combine the data or separate it to see specifics.

Trial metrics

active growth

Find out the data & the number of days until trials convert, forecasting your revenue ahead of the curve.

Find out why your customers cancel

Now you can understand why your customers are turning away to competitors.


See the problem, solve it, decrease churn

The goal is to make your customer’s happy, and that’s what makes you happy, right? Learn how to optimise your app, see trends, find problems, solve the problems, and then decrease cancellations.

Following these methods, you will begin to see an uplift in monthly recurring revenue, and fewer uninstalls.

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Stay ahead of your competitors

SaaS Insights was crafted to help you increase revenue & track your data, in one place.

Revenue source

Find out what websites & sources bring the most revenue & installs to your apps.

Keyword insights

See clearly your apps keyword rankings in the Shopify app store.

Search queries

Find out the top-ranking search queries on search engines that drive traffic to your app listing.

Coming Soon

Keyword analytics

Do you ask yourself questions like this?

SaaS Insights allows you to collect keyword data. Giving you the ability to target the right keywords, gain more customers, and thus, increase your MRR.

Layers of comparison

Compare data from the current month to previous months.

Overlay multiple charts and see improvements that are driving your app to success.

Get started today

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